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Touch Type: The Rising

Chistopher McFall Touch Type: The Rising 1 Chistopher McFall Touch Type: The Rising 2

"Touch Type: The Rising" foi composta no inverno de 2006 e representa unha composición de grabacións de campo preparadas tomadas no districto metropolitano de Kansas City. Ademais, as condicións climáticas do duro inverno produciron unha abundante serie de grabacións de campo que serviron como exquisitos samples, sobretodo empregados nos momentos máis "musicais" do traballo, xa que moitos foron extraídos de acumulación de xeo que producian uns efectos de "chain-link".

O resto das grabacións analóxicas e dixitais foron tomadas de diversas fontes da cidade, dende as campás distantes da igrexa ata o rumor do tráfico.

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  • 9 de maio do 2007 13:26

    Hey Christoper
    congrats for the rising

  • by Jonathan Benham, 18 May 2007 10:59

    Christopher, Of all your work that I have been privileged to hear up to this point, I truly believe this document is some of your finest to date! You have an amazing ability to hear way beyond obvious surface experiences, and instead coax out the true spirit of objects/environments you encounter. I especially appreciate your reserve in not throwing every possible effect onto your recordings - just to amaze others with your ability. Your work speaks volumes because you your ego is not in the way; there’s a humble quality that clearly shines through because you allow the sounds themselves to have their own stories and emotions without sounding forced or over-manipulated. You are an expert at building sensitive frameworks within which you juxtapose the sounds you choose, and there is always a delightful quality to your work that politely disregards meaningless labels like "experimental". You have a dynamic range of expression that always makes for interesting listening. Of particular interest to me was how you didn’t go out of your way to overtly smear or obliterate certain sounds in this case such as the church bells tolling off in the distance. Hats off to another amazing piece of work!

    Jonathan Benham


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