Madamme Cell

OFF (Opera Forte Fonética)

Madamme Cell OFF (Opera Forte Fonética) 1 Madamme Cell OFF (Opera Forte Fonética) 2

Mónica de Nut (voice and percussion)
Fernando Abreu (Bass clarinet, A clarinet and percussion)
madamme cell (piano, laptop, microphone and percussion))
Nela Quesada (graphic design, scenography, live video)
Xurxo Troncoso (illumination, luthier)
Isaac Cordal (videocreation)
Roi Fernàndez (live camera)
Mig Seoane (interactive devices)
Antía Sánchez (Release artwork)

Initial sound material: Mónica de nut+ Fernando Abreu+ madamme cell
Music + book: madamme cell
Artistic direction: Cía A última rata

ópera forte fonética

With all this mix-up of data, literality, comunications, products, labels, simplifications, abbreviations, regulations, technology sepsis, secure, easy, clean, APPEARANCE... arises from Acqua: OFF unpredictable peripheral, violent, marginal, damn poet... DESIRE


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