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Árbole is an experimental sound project, inspired by the Asturian forest and its trees. Each one of the tracks is done experimenting with field recordings taken from the forest. The sound recordings are processed along with other sounds that were generated on the studio. The final result is again a soundscape, where the organic and synthetic are one.

Juanjo Palacios: soundscapes recordings, virtual instruments, plugins, sample manipulations, composition, process, photography and graphic design.

This work was made between 2008 and the beginning of 2010. It is dedicated to Luisa. I would like to thank thr3hold, Carlos Suárez, Juan Antonio Nieto, Carmen, Rosa Pérez, Berio Molina, Comunidad alg-a, Jordi Giráldez, José Antonio Vega, Alex Camblor, AMCppbocanegra , Arenas movedizas, Optica, XIZidium, and Miga for their support.

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  • 12 de agosto do 2010 11:21

    Explendida y sugestiva forma de integrar musica y naturaleza


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